FitnessMakeover and Strong and Powerful!

Tighten Your Body!

Strengthen Your Self-Worth!

Shine With Confidence!

Combine targeted, body sculpting workouts with the power of mindset training to create a shapely, strong body you love and beam with the confidence and self-esteem you deserve!

You are unique and beautiful. The one and only, perfect “You.”

Immerse yourself in the world of mindful fitness!

The first step is to begin each day with the mantra

“I am Strong and Powerful!”

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Kim in shape

I thought I tried it all!

“I exercised a lot, but didn’t see any big changes. I thought I tried it all! Then, I met Kira and her program helped me win the weight loss battle! And results came faster than I expected! Thanks Kira!”

real people

Fast Results! Inches Lost!

Real people, just like you, that struggled with weight loss. They had been duped by methods that just don’t work! Once they began this plan, inches came off and quickly!


I’m Curvy and Firm!

“I’ve always been a large & curvy girl, but wanted more firmness all over. I’m getting results with a Program that fits my crazy [teacher] schedule! I finally have a great plan that keeps me motivated!”

Heather new body

If it wasn't me, I wouldn't have believed it!

Weight training and mindset are a powerful combination! I am surprised that weight training can do so much for your body! The mindset training opened my eyes to self-sabotage. I've changed bad habits and now feel confident no matter what!

lose inches

Inches Matter Most!

A few inches can mean two or three smaller dress sizes, or a pair of pants falling off rather than being hard to zip! Focus on inches not the scale for success!

stephanie in shape

From a size 18 to 6!

It seemed too easy at the start, but my weight kept dropping! I learned what to eat for more energy and faster weight loss. I love the workouts and the results!

Real people

Lost Stubborn Fat!

“My goal was to lose a stubborn 10 pounds, exercise consistently and feel good! After three months of normal eating, doing Kira’s Workouts, I was thrilled with the results!” -Michelle M.


Dropped 10% bodyfat!

"I dropped my bodyfat from 21.6% to 11.3% in 12 weeks of the Program! That included losing 20 pounds of fat while gaining 7 lbs of lean muscle!”

Kim in shape

No Dieting!

"I have a thyroid condition, making it hard for me to lose weight. I dropped 11 pounds and 12 inches on the Program with no dieting! I ate the way I normally do. Mostly healthy, with a few cheats on occasion. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! It’s just amazing!”

kira langolf

Hey! I'm Kira Langolf

I want to help you separate fact from fiction in fitness!

I've been through all of the trials and tribulations of the weight loss world! It took years of my own failures, before I found the magic formula for permanent weight loss! I’ve used it successfully on clients for almost 30 years!

I've gathered all my courses, workouts, programs, podcast archives, guides and collections of articles into one place, the Strong and Powerful Institute! Including:

  • "Fit Girl Your Guide to Getting in Shape" Podcast
  • "Strong and Powerful" Podcast
  • All-In-One-Workout DVD series
  • Portable Trainer Audio guided workouts
  • Motivation Apparel
  • FitnessMakeover Programs

I'm excited to share all of my knowledge with you, be your trainer, and help you get the body you want!

The power of mindset combined with targeted body sculpting workouts!

Create a lean, strong body you love!

Have the confidence and self-esteem you deserve!

Embrace your beauty and power!